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5 Appropriate Ways to Appreciate Your Physician

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5 Appropriate Ways to Appreciate Your Physician

National Physicians Week falls at the end of March. It's a time to honor the people who provide excellent medical care, tending to our minor and major illnesses and injuries. But it's always a good time to show gratitude to the men and women who care for you, and your busy doctor might appreciate a kind word or gesture.

Many people look to gift-giving to appreciate their physician. While you can certainly send a small token of your gratitude, such as an edible treat or flowers, remember that many physicians are prevented from accepting large or lavish gifts. The clinics and hospitals they work for may have specific rules against that, and most physicians will politely pass regardless so they don't risk crossing over ethical lines.

But seniors who want to say thank you to their doctors have plenty of other options for doing so, including the five below.

1. Say Thank You

Doctor's appointments can be stressful and might feel rushed at times. Physicians don't always have the time they want to spend with their patients, and they may be concerned with the most pressing business at hand. But that doesn't mean you can't take a moment to verbally thank your doctor for his or her work. At the end of the appointment, simply say, "Thank you so much, Dr. Smith," in a sincere manner. Small moments can make a big difference in your doctor's day.

2. Send a Card or Letter

Don't worry if you were too flustered at your appointment to give in-person thanks or if you were discharged from the hospital without seeing your physician a final time to do so. A thank you note is one of the most timeless ways to send gratitude, and it also lets you have time to think about what you want to convey. Receiving a nice thank you note can be a positive boon to a doctor's day, especially if they're having a particularly rough one.

3. Leave an Online Review

Online reviews are increasingly important to businesses in all kinds of niches, including health care. More than 90% of people turn to online reviews and search engines to find out more about their options before they choose a service provider. Leaving a positive online review can help more people find your doctor and might increase the number of patients that end up in his or her office. While we don't often think of doctors in this business-like way, doctors offices are businesses and they need customers to make a profit.

You don't have to spill your entire medical story or even give your whole name when leaving an online review. You can opt to remain anonymous or just use your first name, and you don't have to spell out why you were at the doctors office to begin with. Simply write a review that talks about how caring the doctor is or how the staff is efficient and the doctor always answers your questions.

4. Listen to and Act on Your Doctor's Advice

One of the best ways you can honor your doctor is to listen to him or her. Putting your doctor's advice into action to live a healthier life or appropriately manage a chronic illness is often all the thanks medical professionals want. After all, they typically got into this niche to help people, and you can't help someone stay healthy if they won't make the choices necessary to do so.

If you can show up at your next appointment with a better blood pressure reading or lower weight because you put your doctor's advice into action, that's a great form of gratitude in action.

5. Recommend Your Doctor to Others

If you're not comfortable leaving an online review, you can still help your doctor get more business. Tell others you know about the practice and why you like your doctor. You can tell others in the assisted living community, for example. You probably aren't the only resident who enjoys having a caring, professional doctor with an office accessible from the community.

Finding a Doctor You Love

If saying thank you to your doctor sounds like extreme sarcasm, them maybe you're not seeing the right healthcare professional. If you're unhappy with your current medical provider, you can seek a new one. Here are a few tips for finding a new provider.

Ask the Bethesda Gardens assisted living community staff if they have any recommendations for providers in Frisco.

Ask your neighbors who they see and whether they would recommend them.

Call your insurance company or consult your benefits book to see which providers in the area are within your network.

Turn to Google and search for doctors in Frisco. You can read online reviews from others and find out more about each provider on their website before you make a final decision.