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Back to School: How to Join Grandkids in the Excitement

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Back to School: How to Join Grandkids in the Excitement

Back-to-school season is one of the most exciting times of the year, and as a grandparent, you can join in that excitement, helping support your children and grandchildren and sharing in the joy of a new school year. Whether you live close to your family or across the country, here are just a few ways to jump into the fun of back-to-school time.

Gathering Back to School Supplies

Schools may provide parents with a laundry list of supplies each student needs for the school year. Many states, including Texas, pitch in and host a tax-free weekend to help families save a bit of money while buying all these supplies. If you live nearby, you can tag along and help pick out — or even pay for — some of the supplies. Don’t worry about mobility; most of the big box stores provide electric scooters for customers who need them.

If you're farther away, you can use sites like Amazon.com or Staples.com to purchase some or all of your grandchildren’s supply lists and then have them shipped directly to their homes. Imagine the surprise on their faces when they get a package from grandma or grandpa and it’s everything they need for school!

Participating in the First Day of School

You have a lot of opportunities to participate in your grandchildren’s first day of school, whether or not you can be there in person.

  • Make or purchase a first day of school sign customized to your grandchild. Include their name, age, grade, school and some fun facts about their life. Then, they can take their first day of school pictures with the sign.
  • Craft or find a customized pencil bag with your grandkid’s name on it or give them a personalized charm to use as a zipper pull on their backpack that will remind them of you every day.
  • Check for first day of school breakfasts hosted at your grandkid’s school or in their community and tag along with the family. If you can’t be there in person, use Skype or FaceTime to be there virtually. You could even pre-order a special breakfast or fruit display and have it delivered on the big morning.
  • Prepare a special care package for your grandchildren to discover when they get home from the first day of school. This can include items to add to their favorite collections, new movies, a treasured book or the starter pieces for a new hobby. You can also add in treats like flavored popcorn or cookies for a celebratory snack after the first day.

Schedule a Back-to-School Luncheon With Family

What better time to schedule a family function than a few weeks after school has begun, when temperatures are finally dropping here in North Texas and the first hint of color change has hit the trees. Invite your children and their children to join you for a special meal, either at a favorite restaurant or here at Bethesda Gardens in Frisco. Speak with our staff ahead of time, and we’ll help you prepare to have your family visit us and enjoy a meal in one of our beautiful dining rooms or common areas. We love to encourage and host your family time, whether it’s during back-to-school season or any other time of the year.