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Meet Chef Eric Hazen and Mark Your Calendars for Our Culinary Event

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Meet Chef Eric Hazen and Mark Your Calendars for Our Culinary Event

Home is where the heart is, yet as so many of us who love a good meal know, the quickest way to the heart can be through the stomach—or taste buds. Our culinary services team is dedicated to nourishing our residents, body and soul, with tasty, heart-healthy meals.

To celebrate, we’re hosting a special “Caring is a Work of Heart” culinary event, and invite you to join us for a delicious meal and to learn about the benefits our residents receive from our nutritional strategy. Mark your calendars for Saturday February 19th, from 12 - 1:30pm when Chef Eric Hazen offers you the chance to experience the great flavor and warm feeling of a delicious meal with our culinary team.

Chef Eric Hazen’s journey to serving southern-style culinary delights to residents began years ago in his mother’s kitchen and brought him to our Frisco community when we had just a handful of residents. Although he started working in senior living in maintenance, he quickly found cooking for older adults was his recipe for success. Today, he can’t imagine working anywhere else.

Eric has a passion for healthy eating and healthy cooking, even though he still prepares resident favorites like fried catfish. Influenced by his family’s research into the nutrition science behind the paleo lifestyle, he’s recently introduced meals focused on meat, fruits and vegetables, eliminating processed foods.

“It’s been fun to incorporate these ideas among our more traditional menu items,” Eric says. “Dishes such as banana pancakes have been a hit with residents, and it’s both satisfying and enjoyable to prepare these meals.”