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Space-Saving Christmas Tree Decor Ideas for Assisted Living Apartments

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Space-Saving Christmas Tree Decor Ideas for Assisted Living Apartments

Moving into an assisted living apartment is an opportunity to simplify. Small-space living usually leads to decluttering, downsizing and organizing, which can be beneficial for seniors looking to live life hassle-free during retirement. But it also means you might have less storage space for things like holiday decor. If you find yourself wondering whether or not a Christmas tree is possible for you this year, never fear. Instead, check out the fun, space-saving options that let you deck a Christmas tree in your assisted living apartment.

Mini Trees

If you're looking for a smaller version of a traditional Christmas tree, here's a simple answer. A mini tree is an easy solution for any small space. These days they can be found nearly everywhere, including craft stores, local drugstores and even your neighborhood grocery store.

If getting out is difficult, you can order a miniature tree online that can be shipped straight to your door. Choosing a pre-lit mini tree takes away the chore of winding lights around the tree and makes for much easier cleanup. These small trees come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose what best fits your space. Decorate it with your favorite family ornaments, or buy some new items and set it all up in a corner, near your window or on a table.

Wall Hanging Tree

Finding a spot to place a Christmas tree can be challenging, especially for those who need wide walk areas for mobility devices. Don't let this deter you from enjoying seasonal decor: Why not try a wall hanging tree?

With the look and feel of a traditional tree, this option is temporary and easy to construct on your own or with a bit of help from the Bethesda Gardens staff in Frisco. You can start with a premade wall tree, which is a like half of a standard artificial tree (the flat part goes against the wall).

Alternatively, you can create the look of a tree on your wall with garland and add lights and ornaments to make it colorful and bright. Start by marking out the shape and size you want the tree to be, and then hang the garland by following your outline and then filling in the middle. You can add lights and hang ornaments as you would on a traditional tree.

Felt Wall Tree

If dragging out ornaments, lights and a bulky tree seems tiresome or you don't have the storage, you don't have to forgo the idea of a Christmas tree altogether. Try a felt Christmas tree.

This is a simple DIY project that would also be a fun activity to do with others in your assisted living community. You can cut a tree shape out of a large piece of green felt or buy a premade felt tree online.

These trees can easily be adhered to your wall with removable adhesives or tape. The felt ornaments stick straight to the felt tree, which makes decorating a breeze. If you have little ones coming to visit, they'll love decorating and redecorating your tree.

Paper Tree

Another great option for incorporating a bit of Christmas cheer into your small space is a tree made of paper. This could be as easy as taping up sheets of green construction paper on your wall in the shape of a tree. Having your family members decorate each sheet individually adds a sweet, personal touch. Or, display your Christmas cards in the shape of a Christmas tree on your wall as a simple, inexpensive decoration that changes the look of your tree every year.